sister of groom dresses

~~~ Cancers ~~~
{ Verse }

```Beatles crunch under my feet as I walk across feces an the bones of dead birds potions full of words swirl around my world like a wordsearch an the Jews raps Wordsworth soon to be back from church soon with a tune fulla harps where lagoons fulla sharks act nice in work suits we got baptised in worm feed an we clap at the worst Jews that caught clap from a nurse dude```

```The casualtys are laid out into the back of a hurst fool we catch the grey hound an the scavenger steers the man in fools vanishes thru actual blood tears an they cant trust what they fear They tried outlasting us thugs with outlandish books an then spazzing on us like a rabid wild dear but us crooks get nasty in here like weve not had love in years so they watch us stab up the passengers as the bus passes thru gears```

```Id dangle from a plane an talk cancer an aids to a gay chap whilst passin cancer to an A rab trample up his frame an leave it mangled like a train crash your standing in blood stains weve been angry from way back an we fucked up our brains with the can a biss we shudda looked both ways like a mama said cuz that was kind a bliss but now am a man she sais an so she cant hold my hand unless Im candy ass```

```Im sacred with the raps they never candy ass watch me break up all the land an create an avalance then watch me catch all the sand whilst doing acrobats youve got the nature of a man but your a fanny wrapped ill break your fuckin back like its a fanny back im laying naked im my pad cant walk in pantie pants your gettin shaked up like a can fulla angry ants Im wearing make up as a man best call an ambulane```

```Theres plenty of colour in my world when Im with a fine slapper but my favourite colours purple like a turkish delight rapper an I can make you go jelo when I play chello with a dagger```

```Dont tell em that Im the chemist or that Ive been telephoning venice for the veggie fruits just tell em I brough hell in with the skeletons to reggae tunes I was freaky when they threw me out the womb in spawn an loopy juice hula hoopin round the room like a hula hoop then If you dudes aint soft like crumbs in dental or worms in cat shit then Ive turned to cadburys an if youve got this huge glok then thats not turnin me restless your just a stupid cock came in with the birds from last year but Im not offering nestage or rooms in the loft here Im usually with Manson go out shooting with cameras an butane lanterns spreading hooping cough with a lung infection that just turned to "Cancers".``` sister of groom dresses

_____________THE END_____________
First British Serial Rights 2016
No part of this poem may be used or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or form or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the author.
Racheal Colin Stocks.............................