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Episode 3

"His thirst for a daughter is quenching the fire of our love" Lola paced up and down the sitting room, it been two months since he left the house and he hasn't returned, no calls, no visiting, Andrew have been throwing questions upon questions as to his father where about, she was worried! Another woman had stolen her precious stone. She remembered how she had gotten pregnant for him at 22, then she was just rounding up in the University, she gave him her virginity. His background was very low, eight brothers with him been the fifth out of his mother's nine sons. Her father was mad! He didn't expected his daughter to get pregnant before the white wedding he had always planned for her. He had refused taking a second wife after he lost her mother to an opponent retaliation attack when she was seventeen! He was a politician fighting for a senatorial seat, his hoodlums had gone to molest one of his opponent daughters behind his back and his wife lost her life in the struggle, they had shot her in cold blood leaving no traces! But he need not be told, he knew where the fire came from, he quickly sent his daughter straight to the state so she won't get involved in the dirty politics play. There, she had read mass communication and met Frank whom was on scholarship! When her father got the news of her pregnancy, he summoned her immediately and asked what she really wanted. She worked her way into getting Frank some money for a start up business and he did very well as a starter. It took time for her to convince her dad to allow her go with him as he wasn't a Yoruba and her father thinks he's too low for a wealthy and classic lady like her. Two years later, business boomed, Frank swam in money, they moved to Lagos from the apartment her father gave them in Abuja, He set up his other brothers, all thanks to her father's money! She wished she saw this coming, she would have run for her life eight years ago, at 30 she had a broken home already and she won't want her father to interfere, it will be too much heat on Frank as her dad was going to fish him out any where he was hiding and unleash hell on him. short wedding dresses for older bride

Mama joel kept telling her to keep calm and pray, she had fasted, prayed yet no news and she was lossing it! She wanted to retaliate but when she remembers it's not worth it, she breaks down in tears, she hasn't been available for her business either, she had tried faking happiness whenever her dad calls. Her kids were going to have a three weeks holiday in five days and she thought of sending them to see her dad in Abuja, she wanted to be left in her own blank world and think properly, Andrew, doyin and Tony was never and will never be mistakes, they are cute even if their dad thinks otherwise!

But she knew where Frank was, with toyin? she had to meet toyin the second time! She was going to plead sincerely this time, there was no point fighting her again as the battle seems to be in toyin's favour!

She headed for toyin's place but was surprised to see another occupant in her apartment, a couple!

"Sorry we just moved in last month., we know no toyin" The husband addressed her, she thanked them and she shamefully dragged her legs behind her. She turned around, the couple were still outside the apartment starring at her, she couldn't control it, tears flowed down her cheeks and the couple rushed at her.

"Are you okay? Please come inside" The wife took her bag and helped her into the well illuminated small living room

"She took my husband, two months now I haven't smelt him" She managed to say after a glass of chilled water.

The room was silent, the couple exchanged glances at interval. Lola felt uncomfortable, she had been in that same house once but different arrangements and designs. She glanced at her wristwatch, her kids will soon be back from school so she had to leave.

"Please wait, there's an older tenant that might know their where about" it was the husband again, he asked his wife to get the supposed tenant and Lola engaged the man in a short conversation. If she was right, he was in his 40's

"How are the kids sir? " Lola tried to bring up something to avoid starring at eachother unnecessarily

"God is working on them" He replied and Lola seemed confused at that response, she decided to wave it off and mind her own business while waiting for the old tenant whom possibly has a useful information concerning her husband and his mistress. Soon, the tenant came in with the man's wife, they exchanged pleasantries and got talking.

"Toyin? Ha, she's not someone you can see like that oo, she just got married and her husband is very rich so the man took her out of here, Infact the wedding was a very biggg one" The woman who seems to know much about Toyin narrated, she called her son over the phone and asked him to bring her photo album to "iyawo's" apartment. When the pictures came, she saw her husband and toyin in a bridal dress, they did a court wedding in ondo state!

"The last time I saw her, she was vomiting everywhere and that her husband came to rush her to the hospital, the next thing I saw was some men packing her lugagges out and when I called her, she said she got a bigger house in an estate, she also said she would be travelling to Dubai for antenatal and shopping for her incoming baby" The woman said with all excitement, she was just a well wisher and doesn't know what Lola was going through.

"She went to Dubai with her husband?" Lola asked trying to hide her shocks

"Eh now........part of honey moon"

Gradually everything went totally blank, she only heard voices from far away, she wanted to move but her bones were too weak.

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