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Take note men.... When was the last time you stopped to thank your wife for all that she does?! Getting the kids up in the morning. Getting them ready and off to school or daycare. Taking off work when they are sick or have an appointment they need to go to. Making sure there is food in the house and bills are paid. I know as a mother and a wife I sometimes go to bed thinking about all of the extra effort I put into something without anyone noticing.

I sometimes am too busy taking care of everyone elses problems and lives that I forgot that it's been 3 years since I was at the lady Dr or that I haven't gotten my hair done in almost a year and my nail.. hell I don't remember the last time I had those done. I am always doing everything for every one else and then when I would like someone to go with me to just go with me.. its a fight and I usually end up losing the battle.

For once. FOR GOD FUCKING SAKES! For once i wish someone would pay attention to how Mom is doing.

My Landon is such a loving and attentive child and he is ALWAYS to first to tell me he loves my hair or notice when something is different about mommy. And ALWAYS down to do whatever I want to do! And for that I am so thankful!

And listen I don't give a shit what all you "perfect mothers" do. I don't care to hear your bullshit because not a single one of us can say that we don't wish we got some attention.. or that someone did something for us just because! You know who you are that I am talking to. I have read you BS here on facebook about how mom have a certian job and moms don't need a break and BLAH BLAH BLAH. THIS MOM NEEDS TO BE TOLD THAT IM DOING A GOOD JOB DAMN IT. And some times I NEED A FUCKING BREAK! And if this doesn't apply to you.. well then thank god your life is just perfect! short mini length wear in red