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So... I have a few things to say and even ask from each one of my FB friends.
First, as a parent, what would YOU consider an appropriate amount of time to give your children "space"??? A couple hours, days, weeks, YEARS? I already have a feeling of what you, as a parent, would say- but let's say for some crazy reason you give your kids a couple years of space. Would you text or call them? Probably. Even as adults, typically our parents keep in touch on a regular basis.
Now, if you decided to reach out to them, wouldn't you, the parent, send a message? Or would you have the person who has put herself right between you and your kids???
I think you guys get where I'm going with this, and if you don't, I'll fill you in real quick.
My ex, which was actually a decent father to our daughter's for the first 7 and 4 years of their life, but slowly let a manipulative whore (and I'm putting that nicely) get between him and his daughter's.
That's the basic story to this, but I have to add that this will be the 3rd Christmas in a row along with other holidays and birthdays that they will not spend with their dad. And now, it's because MY GIRLS DON'T WANT JACK SHIT TO DO WITH HIM!
Maddie got a message today- which i will post, but she came and showed me and I asked her if she wanted to go- she shook her head NO and said every time they move they have them over to help... Which this is literally the 5th time in 7 years they have relocated. My girls are smart and I've known this would be the end result and have told his "messenger" that they will realize eventually how shit really is, and not want ANYTHING to do with their dad. prom garment suitable for plus size girl
I also was made aware that they have told others that my girls stopped coming over or that I've kept them from them which we know that I've ALWAYS stressed them mmaintaining a father/daughter bond...
I'm livid and I can't stand this stupid bitch that's damn near 40 years old.
Maybe they should've let my girls know that they were giving them some "space" instead of making them feel like their dad neglected them....oh. That's exactly what their dad did. Neglected them.
Lastly, call me petty, idgaf, if you are "friends" with the whore or Ross, UNFRIEND ME AND OR MY KIDS!
They've been in counseling because of both of those two's actions for years to deal with this, and if you TRULY believe that he hasn't deeply hurt two innocent little girls, are just as horrible in my eyes.
Now tell me...... Am I wrong or nah?