old Hollywood wears for prom party

The Daunting Message In Today’s Giveaway/Kwajula Ceremonies

By Robert K James

Not so long ago, I attended a giveaway/kwanjula ceremony in which a bride customarily introduces her groom and his entourage to her family. The event held at the family grounds of a close friend on the gentle slopes of Buziga was a splendid success.

Six sizable white tents plus a beautifully decorated gazebo with satin and draping canopies filled the green yard of the spacious compound. Plastic chairs adorned in brilliant white pieces of cloth surrounded each table on which expensive wine bottles were laid, soft drinks, a basket of fruits, glasses, plates and cutlery.

Over two hundred guests were seated, fed and entertained by a local cultural troupe followed by two iconic female artists.

The belle bride changed into four different exquisite Gomesi gowns, sashes, wrappings and two marvelous dresses that must have cost an arm and a leg. Marriage ceremonies have indeed become very expensive today hence sending a daunting message to future contenders of the marriage institution.

The groom and his entourage brought cows, a set of leather sofas, sacks of rice, sugar, wheat flour, and jerricans of cooking oil. Among other things were many crates of soda and some beer plus baskets of perishables. The bride’s suitcase came in the accompaniment of a brand new Toyota Premio. Shortly before that, lineups of young boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen that graced the center stage walked away with a brown envelope each. old Hollywood wears for prom party

Surely the rented public address system, tents, chairs, tables, linen, decorations, arches, and a master of ceremony plus entertainers are all big-ticket items. The catering services that involve assorted food, drinks, caterers, cutlery and crockery surely come at fee.

As if that isn’t enough, the gifts to diverse family members, relatives and the bride plus all her wardrobe can be pretty intimidating for viewers who wish to join the marriage industry. The transport for entourages, family members and security among other essential items can be frustrating as well. All this sends a daunting message to many who wish to put a ring on someone’s finger.

Whereas advocates of the marriage institution constantly advise that one does what is within their means, today’s reality remains that the kwanjula (introduction ceremony) has turned into something that earns one bragging rights for having organised a prestigious event. The question now that everyone asks him or herself today is; how will the children of the poor manage to wed today?

Anyway, engage our planning team to organize for you a cost effective classy event and thank us later. We are Mikolo

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