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Al Aqsa, Jerusalem, 28th November 2017: Never before in my life has the reality of Apartheid Israel stared me so bluntly in the face as it did today on my visit to Al Aqsa, Bethlehem and Hebron. Standing in the Sacred Sanctuary on the very place that Apartheid Israel installed metal detectors and surveillance cameras against which we protested a few months ago made me realize just how intimidation, illegal occupation and brutality is meted out daily to Palestinians. We cannot be complicit by our silence. lace racer back homecoming garments of chiffon in short length

Praying in Al Aqsa with meshed windows overlooking the excavations and tunnels being dug under the foundations of the Sacred Mosque demonstrated the total disregard that Apartheid Israel has for the religious, cultural and social sensitivities of others and its systematic encroachment designed to lay claim to an ever increasing occupation of East Jerusalem.

The expansion of its illegal settlements has seen large tracts of Palestinian lands of Bethlehem incorporated in its grand scheme of Greater Jerusalem whilst Palestinians stand by helplessly watching as the Wall of Evil grabs more and more Palestinian lands undermining any hope of a viable and contiguous Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

Apartheid Israel's security check points where young settler soldiers armed to the hilt act with impunity and the looming presence of military personnel and vehicles in East Jerusalem reminds one of the reality of living under occupation.

Everywhere you look in East Jerusalem the sight of settler activity on the surrounding hilltops makes a mockery of the peace process and clearly affirms Apartheid Israel's agenda of liquidation in complete violation of all international and UN resolutions.

We make a serious call on the UN, UNESCO and other institutions of global governance to step in and send observer missions to assess the extent of Apartheid Israel's violation of international law through its illegal settler activity and to put an end to the occupation.

Instead of being a unifying symbol for all faiths that holds Jerusalem sacred Apartheid Israel has turned it into an enclave resembling the worst features of a concentration camp in which Apartheid Israel has Illegally arrogated for itself the cartblanche right to police and act with absolute impunity.

We call for the opening of Shuhadaa Street in Hebron and for the end of the worst manifestation of Israaeli Apartheid. We cannot stand by in silence as Apartheid Isreal settlers dump filth and garbage on their Palestinian neighbours and where the absence from your property could result in it being usurped by a small minority of opportunistic Israeli settlers.

I call on our friends in the global solidarity movement to raise their voices in protest so that we realize the dream of freedom, self determination, the right of return of refugees in the Palestinian diaspora and the end of the illegal occupation in our lifetimes!

Free free free Palestine!!!


Nkosi Zwelivelile
Royal House of Mandela
Mvezo Komkhulu
P.O. Box 126
Viedgesville, 5102
Eastern Cape Province
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