ivory colored items to wear of the prom

I have never wanted to be skinny. Skinny is not my goal. My goal has always been to be thick muscular. This woman is an example, somewhat. She shows her work and progress. I do alot of body building things for a reason. Once I lose the 50lbs more, it's gonna be alot more weight lifting and body building(currently3-4xweekly). I will get to this, I will compete, I will hit my goal! ivory colored items to wear of the prom
P.s.o. this is not to offend those with skinny goals, those who are skinny, those who hate that their skinny, etc. I have just been told I'm going to be skinny soon. No, lol, fit and muscular! Just my goal is all. I want yall to see it, so when I hit it, you'll know it's been a dream for years. This isn't my first post on it btw.