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So I hear alot that men categorise women into 3 groups. The first group is where they place "The Hookup only girls". The second group is where they place "The Girlfriend only and nothing else ever girl" and the third group is where they place "The woman who will be promoted from girlfriend to wife".

This article shares some personality traits of what men look for when considering turning their girlfriend into a wife. Not sure if all of them are true lol. Men perhaps you could comment here.....

Bottom line in my opinion and this is in no way taking a dig at anyone who sees this post but there are alot of women who are looking for different things in life, some only want to hook up and not be in a serious relationship, others are happy to be the forever girlfriend because maybe they don't believe in marriage. Others want to eventually be their guys wife.

There are women out there that profess to want to marry their guy but from my personal opinion if they are too busy drinking and boozing on, taking drugs and partying all the time and basically acting like skanky trailer park trash then would you really want to marry that type of girl, I mean come on, we don't live in a perfect world and no one is a saint however someone who acts like this consistently and has very sloppy base values is probably not "the one" and how could they even expect to be taken seriously. items that looks blush to wear of the wedding

I'm sure men fall in love with these women all the time but if they were to go from being with someone like this to someone that had the qualities in this attached article, they would probably thank their lucky stars they "upgraded to someone who was wife material with sound morals and values and a sense of family" rather than the party animal with no aspirations in life other than when there next boozy night out is.....

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