garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue

Well, there's a new wrinkle. Couldn't sleep past 4am, so I took a nap a couple of hours ago. Woke up feeling terrible, not surprisingly, and aware that I've been running on adrenaline. Then I got a big surprise. Trying to sort out the internet connection to Jim's laptop (which got screwed up by Sonic working on the wireless to try and help me yesterday with my computer). As I was doing so, on the phone with Sonic again, suddenly I felt "it". My bipolarity!!

Luckily I'm bipolar II, but for years I haven't felt any dysphoria or euphoria; I know I'm depressed, but have coping skills and am used to dealing with it. I thought either it was because I'm older (sometimes bipolarity goes away in old age) or that I'm no longer in the corporate environment (worst place for a bipolar, and what caused my big crash and diagnosis). I'm guessing now it was the latter, as in "no stress". I know I get frustrated easily and can cope with that, but what I felt this morning was different, and unpleasantly familiar...

I managed to get Jim's laptop figured out, with the help of Sonic...meanwhile Jim was trying to get a Roku hooked up to Jeff's new TV, unsuccessfully. The noises were "scratching" at my nerves, so I went in to help. I sat him down and told him what I'd felt--I'd already said I was taking today off from everything, Jim's just been puttering around with this and that. But now I knew I HAD to take the rest of the day off, and when I explained why to him, he agreed immediately (hee, hee, hee; poor guy, he's LIVED through my bipolarity!).

It was easy to go to the internet and find out how to change the "input" on the TV, which is what was needed to hook up the Roku. Jim didn't want me to do even that, but I knew it would bug me in the back of my brain, so I told him to please let me do that. (It would also drive me nuts, hearing him messing around unsuccessfully--TV was putting out nothing but loud static). So I got that out of the way and the house is quiet again; Jeff's mom took him out to Thanksgiving dinner and our house is almost our own for a bit.

So that's a new wrinkle. Hopefully when things settle down, it won't raise it's ugly head again. But I have to go back to my "coping skills" and "symptom management strategies", and one of them is "getting it out", either talking to someone I trust or journaling, which I used to do extensively. I haven't journaled in years, so I may use my FB page to "talk it out". That's my version of fair warning; I don't expect ANYONE to read my ramblings, or respond, and on the other hand, anyone who feels like doing so or would like to talk in Messenger, I thank you in advance for giving me someone to talk to. garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue ;) Now I'm going to go veg out. Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving. <3