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Hey now, one of my favorite things of the year: my Creative Writing class' class-generated list of poetry terms!


List of Poetry Terms (Fall 2017)
by ENG 231

4'33'' - John Cage ft. Elvis in a motorized chair w/ fidget spinner

abducted - by Shabba Shabba or John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

abhor or anew - I get paid to pee

ALL CAPS - Why are you yelling at me, Grandpa?

apple urbanized avocado - an appetizer at Applebee's

barn owls - they're watching us

beat - yawning prophecy

beer-soaked - I'm automatically in a frat house

blue - enormous, icy, shame

blue fire - they should make that emoji

Chekhov's gun - a loaded first line that will definitely go off ("My Life had stood" etc.)

composure - poem steadies itself so not to fall

cough so hard - things fall out of my pockets

death sentence - the last line is a vaudeville guillotine

enlightenment - seeing everything on the way to the Japanese restaurant

e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g - is the opposite of nada

feedback - "these words don't do anything for me"

Fuck You - the peace man is nuts

girth - figurative encompassing

hangry - the poem keeps autocorrecting "anger" to "hunger"

Hennessy - the third wheel, like Dupree

Howl - a poem for the downtrodden, drug-addicted, and lovelorn, who live their lives in opposition to our shallow, restrictive, brutal culture of militarism and consumerism and political oppression, you know, like Jenny in Forrest Gump formal dresses for women over 50

igneous - dumb as a rock

I am here - the answer when someone asks "Where are you?" (whether that be a nurse, the organizers of rally, or the God of the Old Testament)

I love you - eat your words, bite your tongue

I sing - announcing, any moment now, awesomeness

Indian food - a traditional Thanksgiving at Shalimar

It - a Biblical storm or a clown that feeds on your fear

-ish - a little called anything

l'appel du vide - the call of the void

like lust - the sun is your friend / but also your enemy

looking at v. looking through - when your hair gets stuck in a window, gets ripped out, and then it's gone

lool - laugh out out loud

loyalty - it's not soap / throw it out the window

Macy's - The Maze

meaning of life - getting to the heart is always messy

Melanerpes erythrocephalus - a luxuriously hungover woodpecker

memory - is and isn't just all of your family vacations

mourning - that kind of morning

movies - the idle torment of linear narratives shot in proscenium

Netflix - if you don't like poetry, there are plenty of other streaming options

obstracted - abstracted and obstructed

open field - the coach's clipboard

OS bug - a self-conscious, clock-checking, can't listen, freak out

pickup line (1) - "You have a nice smile. You know who else would like your smile? Jesus."

pickup line (2) - "I have the same birthday as John Milton"

poetry (1) - unwriting reality

poetry (2) - brain gifts

poetry (3) - peaceful way to say power

poetry (4) - different kind of learning

poetry (5) - stylistic (mis)use of language

poetry (6) - sharing flow

poetry (7) - there is nothing / that cannot / be represented

political climate - in this air, a poem could vanish or explode

prayers - poems and poets of hope and despair

president - orange condom filled with mayonnaise

prosopagnosia - poem can't recognize your face

pyrotechnics - poem is wired for fireworks and has stadium seating

quiet - the sound of a plant being tortured

redolent - the poem reeks of alcohol

regurgitation - what's it called when cows throw up in their mouths?

rePropering - we decide what's Proper on a case-by-case basis

salty - spitfire, snarly, sharped-shaped

Sisyphus - what you pay for when you're paying for college

sleep (1) - Sophia's favorite thing to do

sleep (2) - like going to the dentist

spin cycle - the poem got put in the washing machine

spread - language moves like butter on bread

stomach drop - what is that?

swan song - the golden goodbye

thought cloud - not today, Satan

time - playing dominoes

traitee - the person being betrayed

uber blubber - ew

vanity - I endlessly stare into my bathroom mirror that I bought on

Vipassana - poem as either yoga pose or anti-depressant

wab - like the girl in Proverb 30:20 (This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth and says, 'I've done nothing wrong.')

wandering - "Why can't I fly? / Hold on... There's a fly"

whip - the poem moves like my new set of wheels

windows - let some light into the poem

Winnifred-esque - a poem brewing with chants, spells, changes in pitch, flung meat, and collected bones

wrong room - everyone in this poem is covered in fish guts

Youtube stanzas - when the sections of this poem feel like a feature movie uploaded to Youtube in pieces

Yoda (v.) - flipping syntax (Yoda that, you gotta)