cocktail styled items to wear of the wedding

jeez watched a program and it just got my hackles up so here is my rant
i can never understand how people can get pleasure from comparing thier kids to other kids. There is having an oppinion and down right arragance all children develop in different ways at different times no children are perfect we can be proud of our children with out the need to pull another down im sick of hearing things like my child is better than yours it must be your parenting if my child had tantrums like yours i would of murdered them well guese what your child probably did but being your own child you dont relize. if all chldren where perfect there wouldnt be any bad adults in the world would there. So instead of comparing your children against others why dont you just be proud of what your child has learnt to do and not follow it with a judgement on some one elses parenting nor children ok rant sort of over although im still annoyed at inconciderate parents in the world cocktail styled items to wear of the wedding