breastfeeding bridesmaid dress

Have been lying here awake for going on two hours now. My body aches and I'm hot. My throat is so dry. Feels like # flu symptoms, but not sure. If I were not nursing I would have already taken NyQuil, DayQuil, or something and gone right back to sleep. breastfeeding bridesmaid dress
I've searched online for what otc # meds are # safe to take while # breastfeeding , but there isn't much info on it. Lots of info on cold meds and breastfeeding, but not flu meds.

Any # Doctors /nurses/pharmacist friends out there in fb land that can steer me in the right direction?

I do not want to take anything without knowing for certain it is safe for Emma'Leigh. I'd rather suffer through before doing that.

Going to the dr/er is not an option right now.

*Thanks for your prayers!!*

- Kimberly