boho items to wear of the wedding

im tired. SICK and tired. ive been playing this game for over a year and a half, and i feel like ive been thrown around like a soggy dead raccoon. i main fox and im proud of it, but everyone here makes me feel terrible for playing this character who they claim is "s tier". S TIER?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? im no good at reading but i hope that stands for "bad tier"

it's WAY harder than you think being a fox main. you know i do more inputs in a second than the amount of money you make in an hour. and it's not alway fun when people look at me like im just some piece of meat. it would be nice if everyone would be accepting of all brain sizes, no matter how small. what does a fox main have to do to get some RESPECT from you miserable high tier mains??

look i know he has some good moves, but honestly if you dont know how to counter them after so many years then you DESERVE his metal boot through your poop chute. let me tell you why his shine is bad.. one, it's BIG and BLUE and SHINY so obviously you can see it from a mile away. and two, it can be really hard to reach the b button. i can tell you limp-fingered cretins have never been tipdicked by martharu's silver knife. if you had, youd know that shine is cake and ice cream. upsmash? if youre so light that you get skyrocketed into the stratosphere by a 155 pound fox doing a backflip, then maybe you were supposed to die. meanwhile i get tossed like a salad by this degenerate pink puffball until she either kills me or i take my own life boho items to wear of the wedding

i know youre salty because i beat you with my mid tier, but did you ever think that MAYBE i just outplayed you?? youve got to be kidding me. have fun shaving your legs, buckos. call me when youre ready to be a real fur animal