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the more I see this bastard lawyer Matt Gonzales of that piece of shit guilty as fuck felon illegal alien and murderer who killed Kate Steinle . The more outrage and hate I feel. To the fucking pussy jury of this trial you all have kate steinle blood on your fucking hands for the rest of your lives. As for You Matt Gonzales you dare have the balls to call out trump and pence. Let me tell you, you san fairycisco ambulance chasing pussy this fact. The investigation trump and his administration is under is 1000 percent bullshit it is nothing but a snipe hunt period. But what you have done is a felony. you have aided and abetted a known felon the illegal alien piece of shit murderer who killed Steinle . Let me educate you bitch aiding and abetting felons for which that illegal alien was even before he murdered Steinle. Because being in this country illegally and entering this country illegally has always been a class A felony. And you aid this person by being his lawyer you have committed class a felony of aiding and abetting meaning your ass will serve a 25 year prison sentence. You wont be tried and serve prison sentence in san fairycisco HELL NO that entire town is corrupt. You will go to a state that has no sanctuary cities or is not a sanctuary state. and be tried and this sack of this illegal alien will also be retried in another state and sentenced to execution by the gallows, and you will be forced to watch along with the San fairycisco jury who gave the wrong verdict on this trial. also those in the jury will be barred for life from being on any more jury's period. As for Jessica Tarlovs comments on Hannity @Jessica Tarlov All illegal aliens and anchor babies or what the media refers to as dreamers or I call them what they all truly are class A Felons. all 11 million of their asses WILL BE DEPORTED. and justice will then be served and if any fake ass republican or any of you liberal progressive globalist dumbassocrats try to interfere or stop it. You will be charged with three felonies arrested and sent directly to prison for no less than every millisecond of a 45 year prison sentence. And guess what there will be no early releases for good behavior, a death in the family, you have terminal illness, prison overcrowded or prison doesn't have enough funds. you will stay till the last millisecond of your sentence is served. You will also do hard labor aka here's is the funny part you will be forced to build trumps border wall. HAHAHAHA and there wont be no chain gang no. this will be a electric shock dog collar gang. you will have a remote controlled electric shock dog collar padlocked to your necks. So if you refuse to work, attack inmates, attack warden or guard, try to escape, Mouth off, you will be given an electric shock by warden or guards who will have remotes and you will then get another 5 years added to your sentence. All illegal aliens all 11 million of them will be rounded up profiles made of them, their DNA will be taken for future references, and then they will be immediately deported afterwords.. there will be no legal representation Lawyers, there will be No fucking hearings Why. Because these illegal aliens and anchor babies/dreamers are NOT legal American citizens. They don't get constitutional rights or constitutional protections. Because the Constitutional rights and protections are for legal American citizens ONLY. and legal American citizens can lose these rights as well if they commit acts of treason, Sedition or Commit Felonies. And that is the stone cold Brutal Truth. I pray for Kate Steinle's family and all those real Americans who lost family to these illegal aliens/ dreamers who are in this country illegally. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU SAN PIECE OF SHIT FRANCISO AND COMMIEFORNIA TREATING THESE FELONS AKA ILLEGAL ALIENS AND ANCHOR BABIES/DREAMERS WITH MORE RESPECT THAN THE LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU TREAT LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS LIKE THEY ARE EXPENDABLE WHILE TREATING THESE FELONS AKA ILLEGAL ALIENS LIKE THEY ARE KINGS AND QUEENS. These felons broke the law in being in this country illegally. They deserve no fucking respect. they deserve immediate deportation is all they deserve. and you who aid and abet protect, comfort and habor illegal aliens and these dreamers your asses are committing a felony and your asses should be thrown in prison to rot. I Am Fed up with this Time To Start a boat neck scoop wedding bridal collections # JusticeForKateSteinleOrganization that fights back and ends these illegal and unconstitutional and treasonous sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. And you Matt Gonzales and those who are pro illegal aliens and pro dreamers don't like what I stated. Your felonious asses can pucker up buttercups and kiss my real American ass.