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First of all, I would not recommend this resort to anyone for a wedding. My daughter booked her wedding with a wedding planner well over 1 year ago. She got married this summer at this resort. The cost to using this facility is first off overpriced. She wanted to get married on the beach, which she did. When inquiring about a room for herself and her bridesmaids, they were booked, they did accomadate her at all! If by chance it was going to rain, it would have cost another $200 for the staff to pull the chairs indoors. My daughter ended up renting a room at the Holiday Inn along with a few of her bridesmaids, They were very accomadating by also giving her a banquet room to get ready in where Blue Harbor informed my daughter that they had nothing available for her and the bridesmaids. They also squabbled about hair dressers coming in and styling and hairspray, makeup! Upon arriving to the resort the morning of the wedding, it was packed, people, all over the place. To find out there was a festival going on! The resort never informed my daughter of this (hence why they could not give her a room for the night before!) Now parking became an issue for all the guests. Some walked a few blocks to come to the ceremony! Upon walking in with my daughter, did not know where to go for her to put her dress on, where was the groom and groomsmen. Right at the bar at the entrance of the resort!. The wedding planner now arrives and we are very frustrated! She places all of us upstairs in a large room, no mirrors, no bathroom, no privacy! It was a joke. I as the mother had to go downstairs into the public bathroom to put my dress on in the handicap stall! The wedding happened and now it was picture time. The kids were taking pictures by the Arbor, and decided to take a few right behind it by the lake. As this was happening, we turn around to find the staff undecorating the Arbor and cleaning up as they told us they have another wedding starting in 2.5 hours! Really! So much for the family photos at the Arbor! They push you threw your ceremony and photos! They do not inform the couple of any events so as to being able to alert your guests! So make sure you ask questions with these people and look at your price if you are looking for a beach wedding only-recommend finding somewhere else to go especially for $2000! beach destination wedding selections looking sexy

looking for recommendations.
Looking for Recommendations