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My good friend and student Pastor from KNUST, Martin Selorm writes...

Every year, every semester our eyes behold different shades of activities on our various university campuses. The past few weeks on vacation liberated our eyes, ears and mind from the captivity of fornication, indiscriminate kissing and hugging in corners, excessive weed smoking in some private hostels and the many brags by boys about the number of girls they slept with in a week, where they did it together (some of the areas include the bathhouse, the kitchen, the toilet and more pathetically, some use abandoned loto kiosks in the towns and communities) and the styles they utilized (some of the styles include donkey style, snake style, doggy style, monkey style, chimpanzee style, even cat, cockroach and many many styles are exhibited) during their illicit sexual behaviours on campus.
I wonder if these young boys and girls came to study their courses and alongside study, sexology(the study of sex), marrigeology(the study of marriage), kissiology (the innermost study of kissing) and huggology (the study of hugging). I just don't know if indeed parents are aware that they are underpaying their wards school fees and also with the university board I think they need to get themselves together so they recharge such students because our university students are really reading and learning a lot on campus both theoretically and practically. Please let's clap for such students, they are very studious.
I have heard so many stories, stories about thenumber of girls that our gentlemen have chewed and eventually dumped for new ones. Among these many stories I have heard are two of such stories that have really shook my foundation and all I could do was to sigh in uttermost disbelieve!
The first story is that of a young guy discussing with another friend of mine and I eavesdropped on their conversation. The guy said, "Charley the girls dierr now dem make fufule paa o(meaning now the girls are so cheap to get o). I met some first year girl on their day of arrival at Africa hall. I helped her with her luggage to her room, we exchanged contacts and by evening she came around my hostel at Hall 7. She loved my room and especially my bed, the cloth and blanket on it was soothing. We spoke for a while and then we went out for a walk. I bought her some fried rice as usual and then made her laugh so much that she had tears in her eyes. I took her to her room and said bye staring at her face, a strong eye contact and touched her lips then I said goodbye to her. Early the next morning she called and thanked me for everything. By evening she came to my room again sweetly dressed. Unfortunately for her I was going to bath so I attend a meeting, so I asked her to sit on the bed while I go take my bath. Fortunately for her, I was bare chested and the hair and the mighty six packs were showing on my fair skin. She loved it. I saw it in her eyes. I entered the bathroom and after few seconds, she came in too and that was it. I gave it to her very hard and sweet. She kept begging for more. To cut the long story short, within a week, we did it not only in my bathroom, kitchen or the floor but also her room at Africa was really used very well. We have been enjoying it so far. We miss a lot of classes. It is a nice experience!" baby flower girl outfits for wedding
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the achievement accomplished by such a young and bright gentleman at his age. This is heartbreaking!
Another story is that of a young lady who has had fifteen abortions so far with his guy within just two years of courtship in the university. What a wow?
Our students in Africa are really accomplishing great feats and no wonder we are "progressing" very well as a continent. Our young ones who are supposed to take this world by storm and for the better are receiving seeds in their wombs and the guys are distributing "heavenly producing condensed milk" for free.
So is it a curse, a new lifestyle popping up or probably our parents are not doing their jobs well enough to put their wards in the right perspective?
Well in my view, I believe the problem cuts across. The devil is indeed doing everything possible to kill, steal and destroy the destinies of many young, brilliant and prosperous young ladies and gentlemen because of their great future. These kids just don't know what they are doing! God have mercy.
I also believe that many of our young ones think it is a new lifestyle. "Sex is good, sweet and healthy. If you are above eighteen years you have the right toenjoy sex, drinking, smoking, clubbing etc." This is what a friend told me. I looked at him and I said in my heart, "Lord give this boy wisdom".
Lastly, I believe that this century has a lot of mediocre, lazy, busy for nothing parents who just don't care about their wards! Their children control them as parents. All they do is go to work early, pay school fees, shower and pamper their kids with unwanted gifts and instead of lashing the kids when they go wrong, they rather talk and talk till the kids become fed up of their menopause nature. Parents should really be vigilante because the fact is if some of them were privileged to see what their wards are capable of doing and are doing, many of such parents will commit mass burial. Through research, I realised about ten prudent ways that parents of today can use to track down their children early but for the sake of time I will share just three of the techniques with you and I bet you your wards life will never be the same!
Technique 1- The first technique is the mobile phone technique. Before your child comes to school, buy her a brand new android or apple phone as a gift. Allow him or her to use it from the first year to the second year then getting to the third year, call her for the phone, make her show you all her various chats and lo and behold every secret will be exposed.
Technique 2- This technique is very good but capital intensive. Even though it is capital intensive, it is effective. It is better to spend millions on protecting my child's live than pampering her and she ending up as a social misfit. With this, you need to get a very good photographer(now a days there are many hungry boys who hold cameras around snapping everything). His job is just to monitor your child day by day and take pictures of the child's every move. At the end of every week, the photographer will bring a pictorial report. You pay the photographer, you keep the pictures, when child vacates from school you show her all the pictures and I promise you she or he will tell you everything.
Technique 3- This technique is quite similar to the second. With this, when your child is given admission to any of the universities, you need to be very fast by getting to the school, find a good and Godly student who understands your plight, make her become your child's friend and that's it. Your child will tell this implanter everything he or she is involved with and this person will relay the information to you at a very cheap cost. You will be at home or abroad but your eyes and ears will be around campus 24/7.
Just try these techniques and many more which I have kept specially for those who are eager to know it. Call me and I will sell it to you at a very negotiable price. God bless you as you call. Lol
I won't peacefully conclude this article and it will be unjust on my side if I don't touch on a very glaring and disheartening issue happening on campus. Do you know that our lecturers, professors, administrators, so called student leaders and even common workers such as security officers, janitors, garden boys, head potters etc are even the ones who sexually abuse these children especially the girls? You have no idea how lecturers, school administrators are begging, crying and kneeling at their old age to these young girls and boys for sex and other intimate relationships. It is very pathetic to know that our lecturers who are Professors, Doctor Doctors, Doctors and so on are actually very intellectually good but are morally stupid. How and why should a forty five year old, potbellied man beg a nineteen year old student for an amorous relationship. Ah, my professor are that sick?
Most of these people must go and see their medical doctors because they are really insane, they are sick both upstairs and downstairs. Students are aborting babies rapidly and periodically just because the so called professor won't let it come out. As for the student leaders who think their eight months position is so great that they deceive people's daughters and sons, all I will say is God in heaven forgive you and may Satan never forget you!
I have seen a lot of pictures, messages, audio recordings and other materials that implicates a lot of people. This issue of formication is really a serious case on our campuses and it takes only the brave hearted to walk from one point on campus to the other point in the night without seeing physical visions. Now a days I walk around with a mask on my face because I am a child of God and I have to protect myself lest I fall too. By the grace of God I am well in Jesus name!
Let me end here by saying this, "This world is not our dwelling place, we are only passing through an empty space"-Martin Selorm Attopley. Let us stop living our lives like we own it but rather let us cherish our lives and keep in mind that one day which is coming soon, we will account for everything we did. Well Valentine is around the corner and our student couples are planning assiduously while their parents are sleeping soundly. God help us all and let us live right!
The Writer is Pastor Martin Selorm Attopley, a Student's Pastor at the Joseph Asikoyaaba Ministries, CEO of Nitram Group, an author, a Speaker and a Member of the Kufuor Scholars Program.
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