DressAfford simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby

...............TO HATE AND LOVE .........3 CONTINUE
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continue from the last episode
OMG , everybody cry out,
Amaka try 2 speak out" pls someone should heeelp me, am dying , when am about to close my eye, someone is coming to my direction ,
Nelson!!!!! I pass out,"
that night when i open my eye, I saw everybody looking at me , as if a dead person come back to life.
Aunty Amanda ", my baby what happen, why did you jump into the water , when you can't swim ?
I did not jump into the water Lizzy push me",
wHAT!!!!!!!!!! this village girl must be a fool , how dare you accuse my girlfriend, I should have leave you to die, Nelson shout " DressAfford simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby
kpo Anuty Amanda give Nelson a hot slap,"
Mum!!!! you slap me? because of this village ant?
A car horn woke us up as early as 4.00am,i
peeped through the window and saw Nelson
coming out of his car with cigarette in his mouth,
he was holding a drink in the other hand, he
staggered inside the house, i couldn't sleep
anymore, i knelt down and started my morning
Chioma woke up and prepared for the wedding,
she packed the clothes she would use for the
wedding inside her car, we had breakfast
together and she left, i was so bored when she
left, i made up my mind not to leave the room, i
stayed there watching TV, when i'm tired i sleep, i
continued with that till i heard voices downstairs,
i was curious to know who were making such
noise and blasting music, i tiptoed to downstairs
and saw Nelson smoking away his life with his
friends, "chai, i just pity this boy, i dont even
know how he manages his father's business, i
hate him with passion, everything about him is
nothing to write home about" i thought to
myself, they were all already dressed for the
wedding, i watched them leave the house littering
cigarettes everywhere, i just pitied my Amanda, i
dont know why God is punishing her with this
boy, when they left, i helped the maids clean
everywhere before returning to my room, I just
wish Kinsley wont grow up to be like his brother,
talking about Kingsley, i'vent seen him since
yesterday, i decided to ask Chy or Chizy when
they returns, i went up to Chy's room to rest,i
don't know why i lost apetite to eat anything, i
stayed hungry till late at night,.
Chioma returned looking so beautiful in her aso
ebi attire, the same with Chizzy"you girls are so
beautiful, i like your styled, hope you took
enough pictures "i asked them," Yes o, it was fun,
thank God everything eneded well," Chizy said
excitedly, they showed me their pix, and gisted
about the wedding, before we all showered, ate
and slept off.
*****Festive period is over, my aunty and her
family have gone back to Lagos, i'"ve returned
to my home, Nd is also back from her maternal
home, i was so happy to have around, we have
resumed our farm work, my mother needed to
save enough for me, my life of luxury is over,
i'"m back to my simple villge lifestyle, i enrolled
in to a computer training school, i help my
mother out when i don't have classes.
This afternoon is not different from others,
harmatan breezing can still be felt, "Amaka nwa
m oooo, (my child)",come and hear story, the
Lord had done it again for me oooo," that's my
mother calling me," i was peeling cassava at the
backyard when she came calling, "mama let me
wash my hands ," i replied her,i hurriedly washed
my hands and went to meet her, "o gini kwa
(what is it)," i asked,"nne, your uncle called me
begging me to forgive him for all he said, he said
he wont disturb us again, i dont know if he has
plans or he has really changed, i still need to very
careful of him", she said, "mmmmh, me too i'm
shocked o, bit wait oo, are you sure aunty
Amanda didnt report him to her husband, who in
turn will report to the Igwe, you know how close
the igwe and her husband are, i think the king
called uncle Amobi and warned him to stay away
from us,"i stated, "i think there's sense in what
you said, i need to call Amanda and Be sure," she
replied, "dats good, i would've called her if not
that my phone has damaged, we will call her later
in the day, let me finish what i'm doing and bathe,
i know i'm smelling," i laughed "" let me rush to
the woman that is owing me, i need the money
to help me start up my new shop"she explained,
my mother decided to use the money my aunty
gave us to start up a small stall in the market. At
least we need to sustain ourselves. I can still do
farm works and get paid, then save for my
university education, i dont want to be a burden
to anyone, and i dont want to hope on anyone.
To be continued!!!!