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To all NASA supporters posting negatively about Raila on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, # STOP it! We are falling victim to Jubilee propaganda.
Raila and co-principals require our support now more than ever before. For Raila particularly, we are talking about a man who went to detention 3 times for us- a total of 9 years. He went on exile and was tortured in Nyayo House cells. Raila did not have the privilege to watch his children grow up. In detention, he suffered eye illness because of too much light always. Raila's mother died while he was in detention. His father suffered house arrest and detention too. His wife Ida was sacked as a teacher at Kenya High School.
Raila has been robbed off victory several times and it pains. Just imagine sitting in water-filled cells for 9 years. Many would have crumbled, their spirits broken. Raila was denied his victory in 2007 2013 and 2017. He has watched members of his community killed in a gang-style manner so many times.
Even for the few years he has been with his family, calamity struck and death took away his son Fidel. His daughter, Rosemary has been sick. It is not easy for him. Some people have called him "coward" for refusing to be sworn in. Fellow NASA supporters, it was not possible. We are against a people who do not hesitate to kill. I was angry and thought he is a coward too. But upon reflection, I now know it was not possible. We simply cannot overcome the military might against NASA. All the state organs are in a capture. Police, army, intelligence, parliament, IEBC, et al. DressAfford silver colored items to wear of the evening
It is just not right for NASA to use negative words against Raila. Jubilee insults him as mtu wa kitendawili.. but I know it will hurt him if the NASA supporters he is fighting for also insult him.
I understand the pain that every NASA supporter feels. I too have been overwhelmed by heartaches, emotions, and tears so many times all through the many years of injustice. But I tell you never to lose hope. God has not forgotten us.
For NASA, we need unity, not self-doubts and insults to our leader.