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I woke up still with my son heavy on my mind man I need to know names faces all involved I bet I don't let this go I'm tired of pushing this the the back of my mind I don't speak on him or his situation or him being in there but this news anit sitting well with me how y'all blame a person who was so called involved I'm lost or a person who loved that boy as a brother I remember me and my son fighting arguing not speaking to one another over the same niggas the ones that I constantly had to go to a meeting about every other month because my rental office always blamed me for their action in the neighborhood the same ones when I cooked for mine I cooked for all when they had no where to go my son was sneaking them in to have a safe warm place to lay their head had me and the rest of us eating noddles cause they done ate all the food not even a week into going grocery shopping all them were like my sons I thought if it was mine I would want the next to do the same I didn't short them lil niggas on shit didn't treat then no different then my own but now look my son is an outsider to them they had no where else to go but my home most of the time the only thing the couldn't do was smoke and drink in my home now that's love real love the reason I got kicked out my apartment in the terrace truth be told because when it all boiled down to it CMHA could never have me make the kids sleep outside or go somewhere else when the world we live in was against them so I continued to make sure they were straight but y'all turn yalls back on my son like he pulled the trigger or like he told that man to do the things he did all y'all mad at my son but y'all should be mad at y'all self to for not encouraging one another to do better be better make a way get out all of thee above who are y'all to blame someone for a death that had no control over blame y'all self now I've blamed myself for a while and had to realize my son just like the rest of em was well tooking care of they choose the path they lead I never condone in non of their wrong doing still to this day I still encourage em to do and be better but y'all peers of one another y'all have more impact on a nigga in the streets cause all niggas think they ride or dies A1 whatever is family but the thing is a real loving caring family anit gone stare you wrong but all yall street niggas staring each other to death now show me a group of hood niggas trying to do the right thing oh I'll wait moral of the story is if you anit try to get your homie right and on the right path your just as guilty for their death as the MF that pulled the trigger and I tell my son that all the time don't be sad cause one gone be sad you didn't try to save him by doing and being great I'm done cause I try to keep peace on my page but I had to get that off my chest I haven't spoke on this situation in a while and I want to keep it that way DressAfford red color garments for cocktail