DressAfford not expensive prom party wears in black

Day #4

Another sticky topic...Infidelity and sex. Early apologies for being graphic....

The biggest problem in many marriages is infidelity. If and when this snake ever raises it's ugly head in your marriage or relationship, the proper and respectful thing to do is immediately cut ALL communication off with that person! I DON'T CARE WHAT TYPE OF FRIENDS YOU WERE! THE FRIENDSHIP ENDED ONCE THE TWO OF YOU LAID DOWN AND HAD SEX!!!!!! This is even more true when your mate has undeniable poof of the infidelity and has confronted you about it.

Continued contact with that person relays a message to your spouse/mate that this other chic or dude is more important that him/her. There will never be enough words in the entire human language that will allow any trust to increase in your marriage.

Let me ask this, you're out here cheating with this guy/girl right.....what make you think that your P**** is any wetter, tighter, looser, stronger gripping, or what ever than the next girl? What makes you think that your D*** is any thicker, stronger, or longer than the next guy? But you risk your family's well being and you probably are not the only one that he/she is sexing. You may not even be in the top 10 now a days!!!! The same way that that snake crept in your home, that same ole snake is gonna move on to the next pretty P**** or strong D***!

I read an interesting post on one of my friend's page yesterday "Don't mess around and lose everything you have because of an desire of something that is not for you"

I am not afraid to say that that ugly snake of infidelity slid it's way into my home and bit me. After my wife confronted me, to this day I have not spoken to that person. Do I have a desire yes because we were "FRIENDS". BUT I have enough respect and honor for my wife, especially since she did not allow my stupidity to end our life together, not to have ANY communication with this other woman. Yes I still have her number. Yes I still know where she works. Yes I still know everything about how to get in contact with her. BUT.....is it worth it? Hell to the naw!!!! To the Naw, naw, naw!!! Even after of several years have passed since this happened and to this day, I'm still trying to rebuild that trust. DressAfford not expensive prom party wears in black

Here I go again...What matters most? Is it this other person that is sexing you outside your marriage? Is it this friend that you can't seem to let go? Is it this man/woman that your sexing and not sexing your husband/wife? Infidelity will ruin your marriage if you go there and if you can't let go? What matters most?