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I lost my husband many years ago now......i am still not over it .... if you are married and it is not abusive , i hope & pray you take this to heart ! in a way it could fit your situation ! for here i sit with the other side of the bed EMPTY wondering what if ?(and it has been well over 10 yrs. since he left) what a fool i was , God had blessed me with the perfect man for me ,and i in no uncertain terms was blind to that fact that God had given me the man of my dreams and i the fool (thought he would never leave , no matter what) even the strongest people you know have a breaking point... DO NOT TEST THEM !! you will sooner or later learn a lesson that is NOT worth learning. now don't get me wrong , i have Jesus (i do not think i could go on if i dident) Treasure you husband or wife ,when things seem old or you THINK you don't love them anymore...do or think of something that has brought you joy or made you laugh together (the little things , like playing on the bed with your whole family jumping & playing on the ONE you LOVE) i can still hear my kids laughing......but like i said i sit on the bed ALONE ! DressAfford custom made selections for formal party