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The Catholic Pope, his eminence Pope Francis has just ended his visit to one of the most hostile countries in the world. Myanmar or Burma if you like. Burma, is a country ruled by an Authoritarian, reclusive and brutal Generals who believe in bhudhism and will stop at nothing to make sure they commit the very Genocide which we blv is still going on though at a lesser level due to the international outcry. Most people in the world believe that, this so- called International community did little or in some ways nothing to put much pressure at the trigger happy ruling junta of Burma to either stop their indiscriminate systematic Genocide or face the full force of the world. The fact that the poor Rohingyas were and are still massacred, their homes burnt and women of all ages raped in broad daylight is a clear testimony to invite the I.C.C. In the Hague to immediately intervene and send a warrant of arrest to all the Top Generals and Leaders of the Monks who are fuelling this unending killings, Tortures, rapes, and wanton destruction of the Rohingyas. That too is why when his eminence the Pope visited Burma just a few days back, he was given a cold welcome. 1: Because the majority of the Burmese are Bhuddists and not Christians. 2: They knew in advance that the Pope is going to talk about the prevailing massacre of the not only Rohingyas, but Hindus too. So they gave him a cold shoulder in a manner to suggest that, " Listen old man, We are neither Christians nor Muslims. We are Bhuddists.... Period!!! The Generals also lied to the world that the Government of Burma has no hand in what happened and is still taking place in Rakhine State. The question therefore remains; If the Government of Burma is innocent as they seem to claim, then who killed, burnt homes and farms, raped indiscriminately the inhabitants of Rakhine state?? Do this shameless Generals want to tell the world that the Rohingyas committed all this crimes?? What a cheap lie!! On the other hand the Pope as a highly respected leader should tell the old senile woman who happens to call herself the president of Bangladesh that, she should desist from forcing the poor Rohingyas who fled for their lives to leave Bangladesh and forcefully return to the butchers who are lying in wait to accomplish their mission by massacring the hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas who are now peacefully living in Bangladesh. She should also allow those who are on the other side of the border to come in for their safety. But sending her minister of foreign affairs to Burma was a clear testimony of how much she hates the poor Rohingyas. The Rohingyas did not come to Bangladesh in their hundreds of thousands for a tour. But this were people who were bieng Butchered for quite a long time. It never started a few months back. It was a pre planned strategy by the Junta of Burma under the pressure of their Monks who have a hidden agenda. Honestly what happened in Rakhine State is something beyond description. Something which has raised the eyebrows of many in every corner of the world, but the Miss. Zia is turning a blind eye and shedding crocodile tears when she is the immediate Neighbour of Burma. What a hypocrisy of the highest order?? As for the Pope, he has played his role as a respected world leader and spoke the truth and every peace loving person will thank him for that!! DressAfford crop top cocktail gowns