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As the political euphoria suffuses over the Zimbabwean body polity following the unceremonious demise of the ruthless and demonic despot called Robert Gabriel Mugabe (there is nothing that was Gabriel about him) it is instructive to pay close attention to the prognostications of the political genies familiar with the dynamics of Zimbabwean politics! We need to ask ourselves candid and poignant questions regarding the shenanigans unfolding in Zimbabwe!
Confucius , in his seminal work " Analects " remarked that " learning without reflection leads to perplexity : reflection without learning leads to perilous circumstances"
If Zimbabweans reflect without learning, they may as well find history repeating itself! Instead of getting freer they may find themselves sinking deeper in a treacherous rabbit hole! The same scenario will manifest if they learn without reflection!
We need to ask our selves an exponent question: can a leopard change its spots? Munangagwa is an accomplished assassin and political thug; he was for years Mugabe' battle axe and he is still as demonic and dangerous as before if not worse especially now that he is in charge of the state apparatus! Mugabe and Mnangagwa are two sides of the same coin! Don't ever forget that you Zimbabweans!
What prevailed in Zimbabwe in the past few months is a struggle for power: a bruising battle of two demons over a bony carcass called Zimbabwe! It was not a fight between a saint and a demon ; a satanist called Mugabe elbowed out of a looting arena a satanist called Munangagwa! The result was that the more cunning Antichrist mobilised a strategically positioned demons: the army ; to dislodge a pompous and complacent Antichrist!
Now short sighted citizenry with a short memory are over the moon with fake euphoria ! This illusory political orgasm will go limb as soon as the Leopard starts manifesting its true colours! Mnangagwa did not come to power riding the wave of principle or moral excellence! He is a victorious dog that is soon going to turn around and maul the very victims of political foolery ( Zimbabweans)! Its far from Uhuru in Zimbabwe! Satan 's citadel is still very much intact and secure! Zimbabweans try to vote into power a truly Democratic government and you will see what colour is Lacoste! fore warned is fore armed! To lacoste I say " Exemplary persons understand what is appropriate: petty persons understand what is of personal advantage " Confucius DressAfford cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender