DressAfford beige or ivory color wears to a prom

Being asked to be bridesmaid is so so special and such a privilege. You get to do so much with your beautiful friend like help her find the perfect dress.. share all wedding ideas with.. plan with her.. however what I loved so much (even if we were stressed out and I was running around in the pouring rain with shorts on trying to tan DressAfford beige or ivory color wears to a prom ? ) was the day before and morning of the wedding. As bridesmaid you get to be there and help set everything up.. help it all come to life and then spend the night before with a girly sleepover (or with the bride telling you to be quiet and stop throwing bras at her ? ) chatting, nail painting (in my case painting coat hangers haha) and sharing in the excitement and anticipation of the next day. Then you get to wake up and spend the morning together and have the privilege of seeing someone you love so much get ready to marry their soul mate (sorry too soppy max!!) Thank you Maxine Watt Martin for asking me be your bridesmaid and letting me be apart of your big day the way that I was ? xxx