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This time a year ago we were settling down for bed. Literally 5 minutes after getting in bed I swear I heard a funny popping noise and Chloe went to check and indeed her water had broken.

After a brief excitable panic we contacted the Labour ward to see what we needed to do. It wasn't quite time so Chloe had a warm bath to help the process.

Around 3am she felt it was right to go to the hospital so I called my mum Carla Townsend for a lift. We got there and were put in the room we would meet our baby girl. Throughout the night my mum was there as a constant support to both of us. Easing Chloes worries and keeping me from running around like a headless chicken.

Chloe's mum Joanne Mclean was kept informed all night and was on speaker for as long as possible throughout the night so that even though she wasn't there in person she too could offer support in her own way.

In a mere 12 hours after lots of gas and air and an epidural that failed to have an effect Violet Anne Sarginson was born at 12:39pm

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next. A whole life change around. Late nights, early starts. Having to prepare a whole other person when going anywhere and working around feed times and nappy changes. Feeling what true fatigue is and being humbled by failing to count to 7 properly. But witnessing her develop and grow into her own personality and mannerisms has been phenomenal. Seeing her learn things and discover likes and dislikes and forge relationships with people has been very heart warming indeed. Dress Affordable red items with white to wear of the wedding

Seeing the look of joy at seeing any bright or flashing lights to her finding dogs amazing and calling them woo woo's

It hasn't been easy but it's not meant to be. It has been mentally and physically tough but ultimately rewarding and worthwhile. What you have seen on social media has been the tip of the iceberg but this little girl has made me stronger, a better person and a proud daddy.

So as we celebrate Violet's birthday today I am infinitely grateful for all the help and support from family and friends that we all have received over the last year. I dont know where we would be without all you lovely people.

But most of all I am grateful that my wish of a daughter was granted and that I am able to teach, have fun with and love the most adorable little girl in the world.

So here's to the start of many more memories to come

Happy Birthday Violet
I love you now and always to the moon and back