Dress Affordable bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

2 years ago yesterday at 36 weeks 6 days pregnant i sat in my doctors office and was told that tomorrow friday november 13 i will be scheduled for a C section at 37 weeks.. at that very second i was never so scared in my entire life! i thought i had AT LEAST 2 more weeks to mentally prepare to bring home a precious life! That night i cried for hours and i didnt know if they were tears of excitement and joy or tears of fear of not knowing if i would be a good mother.. today 2 Dress Affordable bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve ... years later i have the most handsome, sweet, strong, intellegent little boy who amazes me everyday! I would have never thought being a mother came with such a rewarding feeling everytime he cracked a smile or says a new word or sentence or does anything for that matter! Every little thing he does reminds me of how lucky i am to be his mother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my handsome boy, you are the light of my life!

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